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Top 8 Honeymoon Destinations for 2020

Are you excited to plan your honeymoon for 2020? In today's world, there are so many influences as to how couples are finding out about their dream honeymoon destination. From Instagram, Facebook, TV, and good o'l word of mouth, the honeymoon destination of your dreams could be a click away.

With the power of the internet and gusto from more couples, today's honeymooners are not a afraid as they once were to travel to exotic destinations like Bali, the Maldives, and Thailand. While destinations like Thailand, and Bali are very cost effective, destinations like the Maldives, Cook Islands, and Bora Bora tend to take more planning and saving for some of the millennial couples. This is leading to a new trend in couples offsetting their honeymoon six-months to a year, in order to save for the destination of their dreams.

Today's couples want an authentic experience, and luxury with the most bang for their budget. Part of being able to capture the authenticity of a destinations, is to travel there during the high season. The high season, tends to have local festivals and the best weather conditions for bucket list excursions like: the floating markets in Damnoen Sadak, Thailand, the waterfalls of Nungnung Indonesia, or the Chiney reef in Fiji.

If you can't wait to see what adventure you will have on your dream honeymoon destination, let me list some of the top destinations requested for 2020.


Though Greece may not be a shocker to most travel lovers, but it is the since of romance and love that has couples of all ages visiting its insta-worthy beaches. Popular cities are Santorini, Mykonos, and Paros. My personal favorite Greece honeymoon option, is a bit off the beaten path. I like the idea of the 10-day/9-night small group cruise with G Adventures.

South Africa

At some point, almost everyone has wanted to visit Africa at some point in their live time. Many couples are jumping feet first into Africa, as it can be on the higher end of the honeymoon budget. Couples see it as a once in a lifetime destination before having kids, which may push Africa outside of their financial reach. Check out the Kuger National Park or a milti-destination Nile cruise.


Rated one of the top destinations for an authentic experience, Bali attacks both the luxury and tree hugger couples alike. From Ubud to Semyniak couples can experience old world charm and beautify beaches. Couples and solo travelers alike find themselves enjoying the rice patty views from the Bali swing. Adventures awaits among the historic temples and street hood stalls.


This island county promises a beach for every day of the year. Home to 365 beaches, there is always a watering hole to take a dip in. My favorite resort to recommend to my couples is the CocoBay Resort. This resort offers not only offer privacy and romance, but it is the only resort to have stand alone cottages, each hanging on the cliff side facing the ocean. Is is also on a very short list of all-inclusive properties on the island.


With white sand beaches and cascading waterfalls, Negril is the definition of a picture-perfect honeymoon. Explore Mayfield Falls with a guide, or float down the Negril River by bamboo raft. For the more adventurous couple, cliff jumping and live music at Rick’s Cafe may be the perfect end to a day at the beach!


Thailand is not just for couples. This island country, is full of cultural experiences on each island. Offering something for the foodie, history buff, back-packer, adventure seekers, and luxury traveler, there is something in every price point.


The Maldives is an island chain off the coast of southwest India in the Laccadive Sea. From a private fishing trip on a traditional dhoni to world renowned scuba diving to a sunset sail, a trip of a lifetime is waiting for you in the Maldives.


Hawaii is making a come back, as not all travelers are as adventurous to take a leap outside of the US. With its tropical weather, great beaches, and rich history, Hawaii is the closest thing we have to other exotic destinations within the United States.


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